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Community Development Forum (CODEF), registered with the Government of Nepal in 1999 is a leading national NGO on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector in Nepal. It was affiliated with the Social Welfare Council in 2003 and with National NGO Federation in 2004. CODEF being a pioneer and leading NGO in Nepal in WASH, it has a wide range of WASH professionals either full time or part time staff or resource persons in the network. CODEF is the single NGO in Nepal expert for project appraisal, evaluation, research and development and human resource development of NGOs and stakeholders on WASH sector.

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Organizational Structure

CODEF is governed by the General Assembly that formulates the policy and makes decision on organizational issues from time to time. The general assembly is comprised of about 31 members. The executive committee is elected by the General Assembly and is collectively responsible for administration, management and implementation of the organizational policies and decisions.


CODEF has been entrusted by a wide range of clients ranging from UN, international NGOs, national NGOs, to the government ministries and departments. Most specifically, UNICEF, WHO, UN-Habitat, EU, Plan Nepal, Water Aid, Helvetas, Water Supply Program (WSP) International, SNV are the major partners of the NGO in water and sanitation sector. Department of Water Supply and sewerage, various DDCs are the government partners.

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